Ghost Bustin' Character Maker (Male)

Ghost Bustin' Character Maker (Male)

Game by timelapse11

What's New:

- 1 hairstyle added (feel free to send me hairstyle suggestions)

- 4 scarves added

- 5 pairs of glasses added

- 2 t-shirts added

- Navy and grey overalls added

- Equipment including a trap, PKE meter, and proton packs added

- Effects added; marshmellow fluff and slime

Features planning on being added:

- Overlays (ghosts, retro effects, etc.)

- More hairstyles

- More backgrounds

With the release of Ghostbusters: Afterlife I ended up planning a Ghostbusters cosplay, to get ideas on how I'd want my character to look I like to use maker games to plan out a character's style, I couldn't find a Ghostbusters- inspired character maker so I made my own, I plan to add more stuff (clothing/hair etc) so if you have any particular hairstyles or clothing you'd like adding in just let me know and I'll see what I can do. A maker for female characters is in the works too.

Tags: ghostbusters ghostbusters-afterlife character-creator paranormal avatar-maker science-fiction male

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