Butchy Femme Dressup

Butchy Femme Dressup

Game by thats-a-morray

Make a person!

Individualize them with a huge veriety of hairstyles, face shapes, skin colors, accessories, graphic tees, buttonups, tanks, shorts, necklaces, piercings, and much more!

I imagine the characters created using this game are the regular people you encounter in life, made extrodinary.

They reflect you, and me, and they exist as a foil to contemporary beauty standards.Their style is catered toward the queer and female gaze.

Inspired by many different queer and wlw cultural fashions, this game is the sequal / spiritual successor to my Femme dressup game.

Tags: streetwear lgbtq wlw androgynous dress-up-game modern-fashion

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