May Spacegirl Dressup

May Spacegirl Dressup

Game by socksandbuttons

It has been a dream to do a dress up game myself, and finding this website was a dream come true!

Anyway, this is Fusionfall Character of mine in the avatar clothes that were canonly in the game (aside the additional Winged Shoes colors, Green and White. I don't know what fifth one is, even with my extensive item ref document.)

However, this not all the items in the game! And this is just one character! I still have Faye and Aster to finish. Took me forever getting everything right in May's files.

I'll figure out how to make a more customizable dress up so anyone could make their characters from the game. For now its just mine. The game lives on in our hearts. FFU will never be forgotten for their efforts. I appreciate ya'll!

Also you can find me on Tumblr and Twitter under Socksandbuttons if you'd like to see more recent art! (For this drawing of May is a few years old, I have Faye's version on my tumblr if you'd like a preview of the next one.)

Thank you for playing!

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