Avian Creator

Avian Creator

Game by hot-single-pigeons-near-you

Have you ever wanted to make your own feathered friend? Sad that after hours of searching for a bird creator all you have found was multitudes of angry bird games?

Well search no more, as the creator you are searching for is now right before your eyes!

Customize all aspects of your bird, from claws to wings, from beak to tail, the power is in your hands. Create the hypothetical pet your parents never let you have, or just go wild, the choice is yours.

Find me at @Distant_cooing on Instagram for feedback, concerns, or any suggestions for a future update

Update 1/26/2020: More colors added for various things, two new crests, more markings, and several accessories

(Due to sizing issues that will hopefully be fixed by a future update, this game is best played on pc rather than mobile)

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