Bunny Girl

Bunny Girl

Game by chaosempress

Though title is "Bunny Girl" you can make a coyote, wolf (has red nose and fang) and fox (shorter snout than coyote/wolf).

Disclaimer: This is inspired by Lola Bunny who is owned by Warner Bros. This is all UNOFFICIAL Looney Tunes inspired.

I am also NOT affiliated with Warner Bros. This is all done for FUN not profit.

However the ARTWORK IS MINE. Do Not claim as your own work or sell. You CANNOT make adoptables.

Various outfits, objects, accessories, and hairstyles! Plus various ears and tails.

There are outfits from the movies, comics, official artwork, games, and cartoons, plus my own personal designs!

Back grounds are not my forte. Not even cartoony ones. Forgive me.

Tags: girl bunny looney unoffical female fox coyote wolf inspired fashion cartoon dress-up-game animals modern-fashion

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