Masami & 1000 Kimono

Masami & 1000 Kimono

Game by zecchou

Sometimes I wish the title* was a joke.

Dress up my OC Masami, part royal consort/part spy, in a bunch of kimono. He's a flamboyant and cruel demon who likes posing as women, hence the lack of 'masculine' options.

I would just like to apologize for the hot mess that is the "Junihitoe" tab as it was primarily this game's focus. Junihitoe are court dresses from the Heian era with a load of layers (the actual name means twelve-layered kimono, I believe). So many in fact that at first Meiker wouldn't accept the file.

Due to that, I doubt this game is getting updated with /anything/ except for maybe a more solid background or two.

Maybe I'll split the Junihitoe apart into their own game someday.

DISCLAIMER: don't take this as an accurate historical representation. there was a great deal of artistic freedom & inexperience involved.

*There aren't actually 1000 kimono in the game but you can bet there's over 1000 combinations.

Tags: kimono japanese dress-up-game historical high-fantasy