Fae Folk

Fae Folk

Game by littlesquid

Make fae, fairies, ghosts, centaurs, merfolk, fawns, nature spirits, were-creatures, and more. Decorate him, her, them, or it with plants, mushrooms, tattoos, markings, clothes, and jewelry.

Instructions/Advice: There are multiple lower body options including multiple humanoid options with different undergarments. There's also one in a different folder with sparkles that end up ON TOP of all other items (besides stamps). To use that, just turn off the other legs folder.

Coming soon:

* More Hair Options

* More Background Options

* Shoes

* Pets

Tags: fairy fae mushroom halloween gender-neutral nonbinary forrest half-human centaur fawn ghost spirit nature mermaid demon dress-up-game fantasy male science-fiction goth animals

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