Avatar Maker Duology Part 1

Avatar Maker Duology Part 1

Game by peachyamy

This is one in a pair of avatar makers inspired by the game Splatoon. I plan to maybe add in more features, but I'm still proud of this. This is only for facial features and hair. No gear. I refuse to draw so many clothes. Don't use my art for profit. Whether it's for commissions, real currencies, virtual currencies, adoptables, etc. Credit me as PeachyAmy of meiker.io. As long as you follow these guidelines, you can use this game however you like.

I hope you enjoy this.

- PeachyAmy.

V1.2 (12/3/2022)

- New Mouths

- More Movement on moveable objects

- New Noses

- New Eyes

Tags: video-game splatoon-3 splatoon profile oc-maker inkling splatoon-inkling avatar-maker anime fantasy

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