Kara, Entomologist Through the Ages

Kara, Entomologist Through the Ages

Game by lochnestfarm

Celebrate the ancient profession of working alongside beneficial insects! Dress this character as a medieval beekeeper tending to her skeps, an early-modern dyer working with precious cochineal carmine, or a 21st-century grad student doing field work.

Other bug-friendly garments in her wardrobe include 1920s Egyptian Revival scarab motifs and the famous beetle-wing-embroidered dress worn by Ellen Terry to play Lady Macbeth -- plus a dragonfly Valkryie concept just for fun.

Fashion history and beneficial bugs are among the many obsessions of Loch Nest Farm. Start from linktr.ee/lochnestfarm to follow us and learn more!

Tags: women girls europe north-america female iceland medieval peasant princess insects bugs nordic scholar scientist naturalist field-biologist beekeeper science 1920s flapper 19th-century 20th-century 21st-century viking dress-up-game historical modern-fashion

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