Tkani Maker 2.0

Tkani Maker 2.0

Game by heliocathus

Hi! I got bored so I'm recreating my Tkani Maker! lol

What's a Tkani?? Tkani are an open source fantasy race by me! They are also known as poncho demons for their distinctive use of ponchos as cultural markers/personal expression.

They come with lore but it's free to skip entirely or only take pieces of.

Learn more about Tkani here:

I haven't actually touched Tkani in a while so the groups are a little dead but all the lore and info is still available and free to use.




I intentionally made the tkani maker black and white so you can export and colour them in and create your own poncho designs!

How to do this? Simple: Simple load the final image into a drawing software or app and set the layer mode to multiply. This will remove all the white parts of the image and leave the black . You can simply colour on the layer below!

Or go old school and print out the artwork to colour in with pencils or paint ^-^

what do the sparkle symbols mean?

Some traits will have a little ✨ symbol on the left. This indicates that this is a trait unique to a blessed/mage Tkani. A type of magical Tkani associated with one of the Tkanian gods. You can learn more about in the links above. But again all lore is optional so feel free to use the traits freely.

how often will you update?

Updates will be sporadic but i really enjoy noodling with this so hopefully i can make lots of nice little things to add. Please feel free to give me ideas in the comments!

Update log:

[07/01/2023: added more shoes, hair and stamps. A few new ponchos and tops. Added a few basic shapes to make rudimentary poncho designs with.]

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