Tkani Maker

Tkani Maker

Game by heliocathus

An app to help you design your own Tkani (also known as Poncho Demons). A member of a fantasy race created by me! Set on an alternate earth and filled with lore, magic and religion.

This is a jumping off point for designing members of the Tkani community Feel free to use what you make here as a sketch or a base as long as you credit me. Tidy it up, colour it in, redraw it entirely, all acceptable! And especially have fun coming up with your own poncho patterns and designs. ^^ enjoy!

Learn more and participate in the world of Tkani at hhtps:// !


This is pretty bare bones at current but makes a great example of how you can be creative with this race! I plan on adding more assets such as ears, tails, horns and hopefully make accessories more useful! If you have any feedback let me know! You can contact me on deviantart or instagram under the username Heliocathus ^^ thank you so much!

[regarding edits: I'm adding new assets and sometimes fixing bugs all the time, thank you OLa for dealing with all the reviews haha :'^D]

Tags: tkani fantasy race species human humanoid medieval modern futuristic fantasy-race heliocathus deviantart

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