Manananggal Meiker (WIP!)

Manananggal Meiker (WIP!)

Game by milcahrawr

This is a very, VERY early WIP of a manananggal-themed game, just in time for the spooky season, which I was expecting to finish by the later part of this month. You can still try it out in its very unfinished glory, just to give you an idea what it's going to be like in the forseeable future.


If there's an item you'd like to see in future updates or if you have any suggestions, critique, or whathaveyous please drop me a comment down below, email me at [email protected] or check out my socials:




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Update log (dates are in Manila time, please keep an eye on this):

October 29, 2022: Uploaded to Meiker, with all skin colors, head and ear shapes, body types, and two backgrounds. No blood or any gross things though, thankfully. Will add in facial options and others soon. Don't mind the crudely-drawn face. It'll be removed soon.

PS: one of the BGs came from Unsplash while the other one came from yours truly.

November 5, 2022: OK, guys it's time for the VERY FIRST UPDATE of the Manananggal Meiker!

I've gotten rid of the crudely-drawn face and replaced it with some proper facial options (Finally!). It's just a few of 'em, as in the eyes, the noses, and the mouths along with the mouth shape icons, but alas, no brows. Thankfully, they can be adjusted however you want!

Speaking of the brows, you'll see them in a later update.

PS: Still no signs of any gross stuff in this update, but SOONER OR LATER, I'LL ADD THEM.

PSS: I totally struggled with that lip icon, yo. Hey, at least my buddy Kipali saved me from that peril and I've got them to thank.

January 25, 2023: New year, new update! Sorry if it's late for at least a few months. I had other things to do aside from this.

I've added some more eyes, mouths (including the world-famous long manananggal tongue; MORTALS BEWARE!), noses (for sniffing down one's prey, of course), and of course a few BGs I made myself! (the moon background is my favorite)

Aside from that, I've widened the move arrows so you can tweak your doll's facial features a bit more as high or low as you want along with a minor tweak to the green pointy ear. Also, I've stuffed all the mouths into color picker categories just to save space. This will be probably temporary, till I can find a way to make icons for them. Another thing: I've made the backgrounds fixed permanently so you wouldn't see the pesky icons. Oh, by the way, I've also made dot eyes the default eyes now so no more crazy eye combos. Yay!

And now, some brand-new categories: eyebrows and skin stuff! Yep, you can slap on some freckles on your character's skin or that unibrow you've always wanted your character to have! More of these coming soon!

And speaking of the gross items...

I'll tell you when~ Heeheehee!

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