Roux's Tree Builder

Roux's Tree Builder

Game by tgjamseshes

Update 2/1/24: This game has been transferred from another account.

A quick Meiker drawn by Billy-SuperSkullz on Newgrounds, made from the layers an artwork he did! (Roux is the name of one of his characters.) I did the programming. Figured I should at least release something for the holiday season, to remind people I'm still alive ^_^'

There aren't a lot of options right now, but hopefully we'll think of more as time goes on!



I am not comfortable with my games being used to send messages with political overtones of any kind - diverse characters are welcome, but my games are not the place to bring up real world ideologies or debate topics in your snap description.


Please use this game with care and not as a means to harass people in any capacity, including in the contexts of parody, criticism, and activism/calling people out in general.


Give credit to my account and Billy-SuperSkullz (NG) if you post images from my games outside of Meiker. You can use these to help you design things for commercial projects, but don’t sell or claim the images or designs that are straight from the game.


Editing the image in an external program is fine, and in some cases encouraged, but the creation and use of the edited images must still follow these rules. To be clear, you may take credit for the edits you made, but the resulting image must still be counted as partially partially belonging to Billy and I because it was made in our game, with his art.

Thank you for showing respect towards me by reading and following the rules! Here’s a music recommendation thematically relevant to the game!

"Wonderful Christmastime" - Paul McCartney

(The artist likes the Beatles :) )

Tags: christmas-tree christmas holiday tree xmas decoration festive winter builder fantasy modern-fashion historical

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