Shooty Gun Simulator

Shooty Gun Simulator

Game by tgjamseshes

CW: Contains blood, gun, beer, and cigarettes. (Most are optional.) May need to use desktop instead of mobile to see instructions properly.

A while back, I decided to goof off in the Newgrounds Supporter Party Forum by running a simulation of the game Buckshot Roulette, in which anyone who stopped by the thread could take a turn. I ran the whole thing out of a Procreate document, using layers to keep track of things like health, rounds, and items while a random number generator decided the outcomes of shots. Now, in the form of this Meiker, it’s been released to the public!

So, are you smart with probability? Take on the role of Dealer yourself and murder (or be murdered by) all your friends! With multiple different avatars to choose from* (all of whom look like they will bite you), you’re sure to find something to represent your inner monster. Instructions are included in the Meiker, though watching a walkthrough of the original game is recommended for better comprehension.

Or just abuse this Meiker and cover the screen in beer cans. I’m not your boss.

* (Well, the game is at least set up to support multiple character options to use as the dealer, but I ran out of ideas, so currently it’s just a creepy Mei.)

My silly drawings could never properly capture this experience, and if you’ve got some small change and half an hour of spare time, I highly recommend you buy the actual game by Mike Klubnika ($1.20 on and $2.99 for the full version on Steam). If you don’t have money, most of his other games are free on If you don’t have half an hour of spare time, go onto his SoundCloud page and put the soundtrack on in the background. Just please go support the developer however you can.



I am not comfortable with my games being used to send messages with political overtones of any kind - my games are not the place to bring up real world ideologies or debate topics in your snap description.


Please use this game with care and not as a means to harass people in any capacity, including in the contexts of parody, criticism, and activism/calling people out in general.


Give credit to my account and the original game/Mike Klubnika if you post images from my games outside of Meiker. Don’t sell or claim the images or designs that are straight from the game. (Don't claim the idea either, that'd just be rude to Mike. :/)


Editing the image in an external program is fine, and in some cases encouraged, but the creation and use of the edited images must still follow these rules. To be clear, you may take credit for the edits you made, but the resulting image must still be counted as partially partially belonging to me because it was made in my game.

Thank you for showing respect towards me by reading and following the rules! Here’s a music recommendation thematically relevant to the game!

"Buckshot Roulette OST" - Mike Klubnika

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