Kawaii Puffball Maker

Kawaii Puffball Maker

Game by bluerosekatie

Kirby-inspired puffball character designer, with influences from my fan characters and canon characters.

**This is not official Nintendo, it is fan made**

If you make a character with this, you may post it on DeviantArt as long as you tag me (@bluerosekatie). This is not meant to be a complete character maker, it's more for inspiration to design a fan character. Quickest way to contact me is to note me at www.deviantart.com/bluerosekatie

Tags: kirby meta-knight galacta-knight morpho-knight puffball puff colorful dream-land kirbys-dream-land hoshi-no-kaabi nintendo-inspired kirby-inspired color-picker big-game gimp-210 bluerosekatie yirkie allie birby prince-fluff builder science-fiction modern-fashion

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