The Dead Man Changer

The Dead Man Changer

Game by taira2032

Inspired by Harka from the TV series "Britannia", in this "interactive fanart" of him you'll find mostly celtic/pagan-punk and tribal styles, some not so, some coarse, some fine clothes; play with furs, leather, stitchwork, lace-ups, linen, flax and woven fabrics; feathers, sticks, herbs, bones and such dark shaman-y accessories, as well as a few contemporary items/easter eggs that still do fit however. His eccentricity certainly doesn't compromise through the centuries ;) And of course featuring his three signature outfits from the series too, along with all the others I designed and made by myself from scratch. Also I added plenty of backgrounds and background overlays as well as a wide variety of foreground stuff so if you want you can make a whole composition of the surroundings to complement his looks. Oh, and what's with all the apples? Well, if you've watched the series 2nd season, you'll know :P

This is my first dress-up game ever so apologies if some things might not fit very precisely or if it loads a bit slow, took nearly a month to make and there's a TON of layering going on in there haha. Anyhow, it's finally complete and I'm very happy with it. I'll be updating with small fixes and adjustments and maybe in the future I might also paint the rest of his legs and have feet for shoes and add some stickers for fun.

Disclaimer: This is a dress-up game I made over my own fanart, basically it's one big fanart. The TV series "Britannia", all characters and the Britannia logo (C) Sky Atlantic 2017-2021. No copyright infrindements intended!

20240406. Minor update - fixed some layering issues on three of the furpieces

20240504. Fixed some more layering in the tops and added several new armwear things

Tags: pagan tribal dress-up-game fantasy goth male historical

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