Clergy Maker [WIP]

Clergy Maker [WIP]

Game by xoxrosarioxox

A Character maker for characters who are members of the Conplus Clergy.

The Conplus is a fictional religion in the fantasy world of Aeldria. They worship the Gods of Life, Death and Art.

Those who worship Life wear green and are known as Guardians. Those who worship Death wear red and are known as Paladins. Those who worship Art wear gold and are known as Artisans! The more complex the embroidery on the outfit, the higher ranked the clergyman or woman is. The solid colored outfits are for the lowest rank, Devotees: the plain embroidered uniforms are for Clergy who have taken vows, and the detailed uniforms are for the Greatclergy. Your title is your order plus your rank, so if you were a Greatclergy follower of Life, you'd be a Great Guardian. If you're a Devotee follower of art, you'd be a Devotee Artisan!

Tags: dress-up-game fantasy male historical

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