cute clothes for everyone

cute clothes for everyone

Game by angiestown

sorry you'll have to choose skin colour twice! it was the only way I could figure out to make multiple body types without adding a million billion extra layers for things like noses and ears and stuff

free to use for anything as long as you're not making money off of it!

also hey if you're reading this and want to make your own dressup game, I made a quick tutorial on how to create a bunch of colour options super quick! :) make sure to read the pinned comment bc I give extra tips that I figured out while making this game. there's NO WAY I would've had the patience for so many colour options if I didn't know how to do this trick in photoshop

edited to add in some more colour options bc I didn't realize how dark I'd made everything until I tried to play it whoops. also fixed a few mistakes whil I was at it.

Tags: plus-size fat boy alt-fashion e-girl dress-up-game goth male

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