Piksona Creator

Piksona Creator

Game by alexfox

(Yes, the species is what you think it is lol) (Also, sorry if it takes a while to load. That's normal with this site plus there are over 2,800 layers in the .psd I uploaded)


1. Not a maker for the captains/captain's species. If you wanna make one, go ahead. I'd love it if you did.

2. This was made for Picrew at first but it was taken down. After searching and asking for alternatives, I found this site and it's perfect.

3. This was mainly made for my au, The Land of Seasons, that has it's own anatomy rules. I'm currently writing stories for it and I'll get to making a page with all the info and such on ToyHouse sometime soon.

4. I can't add purple and rock body-shapes. It would be hard to add.


This uses a layering system (as I call it) where you have to add the lineart then add the coloring behind it. This way, you can add different colors for things. Example: If you want a bud's green color (or what is normally green) to be yellow and the petal color to be orange, you can do that. If you use one of the lineart parts without the coloring part or vice verse, it'll look incomplete.

Due to layering and sorting being the same (the placement of the layers being how they are sorted), things like the inside of the ears are lower down the list. Sorry about that.

Feel free to randomize if you want a challenge; there are no rules to what the randomizer will add so if you want to try to make a design with what you got or randomize one until you can find one to edit to look good, be my guest.

Update Log (1.0b): The current version is a reupload/reformatting update with the eyes being able to be toggled one at a time? (as in you can have one color and/or style for one eye and another color/style for the other. Same for the markings; if you want sock markings but don't want one on a single hand, you can do that) updated markings (and updated as edits that are extremely hard to notice lol). I'll be adding more colors later since guess what? I can add as many colors and I want now. Woo. (Well, the skin colors I made for it at first) Then after the colors, I'll actually add new things. Also edited some things like making it to where you need to select both eyes (to allow for different eye styles/colors for each eye). Will edit this in for other features like the yellow thing on the flowers, ears, the hair, wings, and more. Also, there are very minor edits to the lineart and I added some grey background for testing before I added in the original ones. (I removed the gradient ones, though. I may read them and maybe make actual backgrounds too)

Places I'm on:

-DeviantArt: PIKMANZ-Forever

-Twitter (@Yo_Its_Alex_Fox) (not that active)

-ToyHouse (-Alex-)

Message me on one of them if anything is wrong/if you got questions.

If you wanna upload a design to Toyhouse, here: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/113744 [NEEDS TO BE REMADE]

I suggest and encourage you to make edits to the designs you make with this. Like, have fun with it. (Just make sure to link the meiker/dollmaker as the credit for the art (I would rather not have millions of meiker designs in my art page))


Date Started: 11/22/19

Date Finished/Published: 12/4/2019


Date Started: 12/13/2019

Date Finished/Published: 12/23/2019

Current Version: 1.0b

(Oh, and shoutout to Boo for suggesting Carrot Lads as a knock-off name. I still love it lol)

Tags: pikmin oc ocs fancharacters fan-characters fan-character fancharacter builder animals

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