Chibi Fairy Maker

Chibi Fairy Maker

Game by walpurgistag

The long time coming successor to the Mini Fairy Maker.

Still inspired by Winx Club.

Now with a new pixelated art style for easier editing (my brush width was set to 3 pixels) and recolouring (does anyone still use the MS Paint eraser trick these days?) for people who are into that. Before I really got into art, I used to edit a lot of pixel dollmaker dolls, so I wanted to prioritize that experience in my own dollmaker.

Please note that some of the arm prosthetics may not work with all long sleeves, and some of the leg prosthetics may clip outside of long pants. Not much I can do about that, unfortunately.

The watermark is my current fandom Instagram handle which may not match my meiker username. If you notice any clipping/recolour errors or have any suggestions, you can contact me on IG: @sepulchral_fairy

This dollmaker is only meant for fun and personal use; please do not try to profit off of it in any way. I am completely okay with results of this dollmaker being shared/reposted anywhere online, but I would appreciate a link back here if you do. If you plan to post characters you make with this dollmaker and/or art you draw of characters inspired by this dollmaker to Instagram, I think it would also be cool if you tagged me so that I can share it.

Revision 1 changes: Left and right gloves and boots can now have their colour changed independantly (this was something I always intended, but forgot to add oops). Skirts and pants can now have their colour changed independantly, and you now have the option to add diferent waistlines for both.

Tags: chibi fairy dress-up-game fantasy

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