Hanfu and Guzhuang

Hanfu and Guzhuang

Game by siamesa

Dress up a character in clothes inspired by traditional Chinese clothing - and historical C-dramas. Flowing fabrics, colorful patterns, and a completely drag and drop hair accessories section for you to go nuts with.

Hanfu is (generally pre-Qing-dynasty) traditional Chinese clothing, and guzhuang is a more recent term for fantasy and fictional clothing based on it, often also inspired by traditional operal outfits. (Please note also that I am completely an American fan of historical clothing research and talented actors in pretty costumes alike; any innacuracies are entirely my own)

Public domain paintings in the background section are "Pair of Hares and Plum Blossoms in the Snow," Shen Nanpi, 1716; "The Beauty of Green Mountains and Rivers," Wang Hui, 1679; "Travellers Among Mountains and Streams," Fan Kuan, 11th C.; "Landscape," attr. Li Cheng, 10th C. Brushes, as always, are by MoFox and FireAlpaca.

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