Mega Creator (Descendent of Blood Universe)

Mega Creator (Descendent of Blood Universe)

Game by emilyjoneslewis

I decided to make a mega creator for characters based in my webcomic universe of Descendent of blood which can be found for free on Webtoon, as well as my own Deviantart where the first chapter is published in full.

Webtoon Link:

Deviantart Link:

I will continue to update the game with more features if anyone likes it!

Tags: fantasy-creator fantasy avatarmaker character-creator fantasy-dress-up scifi-dress-up avatar-dress-up fantasy-maker mega-maker mega-character-maker oc-maker oc-builder mega-avatar-maker elf-dress-up faun-maker kirin-maker angel-dress-up demon-dress-up demon-maker royalty royalty-dress-up lgbt-dress-up avatar-maker high-fantasy science-fiction modern-fashion

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