Nenet Maker

Nenet Maker

Game by swallowtailedtrinket

Make a member of the Nenet warrior race from my visual novel The Deep Unknown!


I've had the assets for this sitting on my computer for a few years now. Too late to change the pose to something that fits the dimensions of this website, but I'll keep that in mind for the other races.

A little lore that made it into the game for anyone interested:

Rank is EVERYTHING in Nenet culture. The main identifyer of rank is in the color of sash a person wears. In order from lowest to highest the colors are purple--red--gold--white--and blue and white striped at the top belonging exclusively to the council of elders. There's also green, the color of the archivists, who are non-fighters.

Rank also plays a role in marriage. The wedding ceremony consists of a series of events in which the couple compete. The one with the most wins wears a necklace wedding bond (jewelry with turquiose stones), while their spouse wears a bracelet. If the pair are roughly equal, the wedding bond is warn as an armband on the bicep.

A notch on the first dorsal fin is given to Nenet who have been banished.

If you'd like to know more, I invite you to check out my VN here!

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