1950s Bride and Flower Girl Paper Dolls

1950s Bride and Flower Girl Paper Dolls

Game by ladyligeia

Dress a Bride and her Flower Girl in beautiful 1950s fashions. Features casual and formal outfits with multiple colour options.

Adapted from a set of paper dolls originally published by Jaymar, featuring the Bride and the Flower Girl. The other half of this set, including the Maid of Honor and a Bride's Maid is also available.

The original set came with two colour variations for each item. I added a third option by layering the two existing ones and using the "Multiply" blend mode in photoshop, plus some fiddling with the hue slider (so many of the Flower Girl's alternate outfits would have been the same shade of brown otherwise). All backgrounds are Creative Commons licensed.

Tags: paper-dolls paper-doll-revival wedding 1950s bride vintage retro dress-up-game historical

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