Shlorpian Replicant OC Maker

Shlorpian Replicant OC Maker

Game by ashrahn

11/12/23 Hey there! My name's Sprite, but you may know me by Ashrahn or enigmaticPenchant. I've been a big fan of the Solar Opposites show for over a year now and have wanted to get this project out there as making ocs for this show is already a strong passion of mine. I felt it also would be a good thing to give back to the fandom. A few things clip weirdly here or there, as this is my first time doing any project of this sort, but overall it gets its job done! This version is for replicant shlorpians.

Other places you can find me:

twitter: tavr1spr1te

tumblr: enigmaticpenchant

insta: tavr1spr1te

This project is dedicated to my grandpa, who passed away during its production. He wouldn't understand this in any way but I'm sure he'd be glad I'm creating!

I also send well wishes to anyone who I may have been short with during the past months he went downhill.

Tags: solar-opposites shlorpian alien dress-up-game avatar-maker science-fiction

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