lil' creature 2.0

lil' creature 2.0

Game by rj-toys

A toy mock up process. You are meant to use the features given to represent your childhood toys.This is the first version to experiment with what works, a more detailed version is in the works. Please read the statement below.

This has been made for the purposes of gathering information for a student project at Massey University of Design. Please be informed that any image you save may be used as an example in this project.

By posting an image publicly, it will be understood that you have consented to participate in the project, and that you consent to publication of the results of the project with the understanding that any information shared here(unless otherwise discussed) will be potentially published.

Thank you for your time.

RJ Cure

Integrated Design Student Massey University

[email protected]

Tags: toy avatar-maker animals

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