Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti

Game by birdhousebirdy

One of my favorite makeover games is the Tutti Frutti flash game created by Candy's World.

The game was inspired by cristina-otero's Tutti Frutti art gallery on DeviantArt.

I just love the makeup aesthetic. The photos are so vibrant and colorful. The flash game that was created gave me such joy.

I felt so inspired to create a game just like Candy's World with more fruits and makeup options. (unfortunatly had to do a more limited clothing option, but the draggies can still help create patterns on the clothes.)

I owe the idea to the original creators. Thanks to both of them for the heavy inspiration.

I hope others enjoy this love letter to both the original game and the original artist on DA.

My art: deviantart.com/birdhousebirdy

Tags: fruit avatar-maker modern-fashion

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