Seamless texture wood pattern B&W (v3)

Seamless texture wood pattern B&W (v3)

Game by maelle-marylloup

Just a small tool if you need some custom wood texture

Once downloaded it create a seamless repetable texture you can use in any way (you can't sell the pattern made with this tool but you're free to share them as you want)

Creator : @maelle.marylloup

!! IMPORTANT : please, for a perfect seamless pattern be careful to let all the stamps COMPLETELY IN the canva ^^ if you put a stamp to close to the border or half way in the canva it will create a visible separation!!

I'm gonna add more various items / stamps and patterns but i dont have any deadline for it so stay tuned ^^

-more pattern are coming soon-

Tags: pattern seamless texture repetable wood floor custom maelle-marylloup builder fantasy historical

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