Mix&Match my OCs!

Mix&Match my OCs!

Game by kehteh

This is my first ever attempt at a dress up game! I used the looks of my favourite original characters, i hope you'll enjoy mix&matching them to make your own, or try and figure out what each of mine look like!


- all hair colors available for all haircuts

- many eye colors available for all eye shapes

- many new color variants for most tops and bottoms

- a couple of new accessories and/or color variants

- 2 new medium skin tones and a tiny edit on the body

- a couple of new backgrounds and frames

UPDATE 06/07/2021 : new color variants! So many new possible combinations!

If you enjoy this you can follow me on tumblr, instagram and pillowfort @ artbykehteh

i also have a ko-fi and i take commissions!

Tags: lolita alternative tiefling alien vampire original-character high-fantasy dress-up-game goth science-fiction modern-fashion

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