Florence, 1950s Country Nurse

Florence, 1950s Country Nurse

Game by lochnestfarm

Mix and match dresses, jackets, and neckwear for this skilled professional from the Fifties to do a shift at the sanatorium ... or make a home visit in town on her way back to the family farm. Nurses' uniform pieces for work (some of them matched to WWII surplus garments from the previous decade) and neat, pretty fashion pieces for her days off give virtually endless options!

Suggest other vintage professions you'd like to see -- it's totally possible I'll do a character to match! You can find and follow our social media here: linktr.ee/lochnestfarm.

Tags: nurse doctor medical red-cross professional world-war-ii uniform 1950s midcentury-modern north-america europe rural women girls female healer pig farm country wwii 20th-century dress-up-game modern-fashion historical

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