Fantasy Noblewoman Dress Maker rev 3

Fantasy Noblewoman Dress Maker rev 3

Game by noxsanguis

eventually i will make a stormlight archive inspired havah (dress worn by Vorin upper class ladies) creator, so this is a sort of proof-of-concept to see if this would work as a meiker. designs are faaaaar from finalized so if you see something that goes against canon thats my excuse

24/11/20:new base! no clothing except undies though. lol

25/11/20:hair, one set of clothes, eye buttons are prettier now. last update before the complete version

22/12/20:i lied, *this* will be the last update before finishing. now has all options for categories, but some are messy and there's only one color. also, dark eye colors! bc why not? radiants, even darkeyes, are automatically given lighteyed rank anyway. also did yall read RoW yet? i thought it ruled. okay bye

Tags: dress-maker stormlight-archive dress-up-game high-fantasy

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